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Kate Conners

Project Director

Kate's experience in television news and as a documentary filmmaker provided her the foundation of investigation and concept visualization. Serving both in public education and higher education for the last 20 years developing and creating educational materials, her MaED research was focused on Virtual Learning Environments and the design of immersive educational experiences. Kate serves as the director of technology enhanced learning at the Humphrey School and provides ongoing support around the technical infrastructure and content creation workflows for Hubert Project.

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Becca Beets

Digital Communications Manager

Becca is the digital communications manager for Civios and the Humphrey School. As a member of the School’s communications team she is responsible for creating content for social, web, and email channels, assisting with digital marketing efforts, and developing and implementing communications strategies and best-practices. Her work with Civios is aimed at translating policy-relevant research for public and professional audiences. She facilitates the production and communication of Civios products, utilizes analytics tools to track and measure engagement, and provides strategic input for growing and institutionalizing Civios. She holds an MS in science, technology, and environmental policy from the Humphrey School and a BA in neuroscience and government from Smith College.

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Carissa Slotterback

Lead Project Advisor

Carissa is the associate dean of the Humphrey School of Public Affairs, and has been a member of the faculty since 2004. As an associate professor in urban and regional planning, her research and teaching is focused on stakeholder engagement and decision-making related to environmental, land use, and transportation planning. Carissa previously served as director of research engagement in the University of Minnesota’s Office of the Vice President for Research.

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Advisory Board

  • Yingling Fan

    Associate Professor

    Humphrey School of Public Affairs

  • Gwen Freed

    Director of Development

    Humphrey School of Public Affairs

  • Barbara Frey

    Director, Human Rights Program

    College of Liberal Arts

  • Robert Johns

    Senior Fellow

    Humphrey School of Public Affairs

  • Greg Lindsey


    Humphrey School of Public Affairs

  • Elaine Pioske

    Grants and Contracts

    Humphrey School of Public Affairs

  • Jodi Sandfort


    Humphrey School of Public Affairs

  • Olivia Schares

    STEP Coordinator

    Humphrey School of Public Affairs

  • Laura Bloomberg


    Humphrey School of Public Affairs