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Access to paid family and medical leave in rural Minnesota


Providing access to paid family and medical leave is especially important in rural areas of Minnesota according to a new research report by Debra Fitzpatrick, co-director of the Center on Women, Gender, and Public Policy (CWGPP) at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs. Current federal law allows eligible employees to take unpaid time off to care for themselves, a sick family member, or new child. But many workers, especially in rural communities, can’t afford to forego their paycheck.

In this podcast, Fitzpatrick discusses different policy designs that would ensure access to paid family leave for Minnesota families, employers, and communities. "I like to think this research is going to help make Minnesota's legislation the very best in the country in terms of ensuring rural access for both employers and for workers," she says. Fitzpatrick's research builds on a larger study of paid family and medical leave insurance completed by the CWGPP and partners for the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development in 2016. More on this topic: Rural Minnesotans Have Greater Need for Paid Family Leave, Humphrey School Report Says