About Civios

There are significant policy challenges in our society that need to be informed by evidence-based research. Public affairs research provides important insights into critical domestic issues—from urban planning and design to environmental policy and human services. Such research, while highly relevant and much needed in the policy arena, is frequently published in journals inaccessible to those outside of academia. When vital policy research fails to reach lawmakers, practitioners, and the broader public, higher education falls short of its public mission. Civios aims to change that.

An initiative of the Humphrey School of Public Affairs, Civios offers short and visually engaging digital materials—podcasts, videos, and mixed media—that translate complex policy research to inform public affairs discussions. Through Civios researchers provide real-world context for their work and explore potential policy implications and questions.

Taking research one step further

Important research often fails to reach its target audiences in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. At the heart of Civios is the creation of a “knowledge network” to disseminate each new product. The knowledge network is a connected community of stakeholders who will share the work where it will be most relevant and impactful. Not only does this make Civios a gateway for the research, but it becomes a vehicle for sharing the research far and wide.

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